Monday, 10 February 2020

Ghouls at The Redcliffe

Ghost hunters were on the prowl this weekend

The lights were burning late into the night on Friday night, 7 February, as The Redcliffe Hotel played host to a team of six ghost hunters introduced by Scarborough aficionado Jason Lee, and very possibly to a selection of ghostly presences.

The team had access to the full hotel for the weekend, as The Redcliffe had only just opened having been temporarily closed while rooms were redecorated before the coming season. The works had not disturbed what was forecast to be a rich site.

If you have stayed with us before in Rooms 6 or 9, you were possibly not alone. Both betrayed evidence of activity caught by the Kinect scanners used to identify apparitions. Indeed one seemed to be suspended some distance above the floor, which might raise concerns as to the reason or fate of some past individual.

The Dark Realms Facebook page has some video footage of the weekend. While more can be learned of the equipment at Polygon.

We look forward to seeing, hearing, and experiencing more from Claire, Jess, Justin, Kerrie, Lewis, and Suzie-Lei in time to come … but maybe not too much from their discoveries.

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