Friday 3 April 2020

Stuart Walker, 1960-2020

An unfailingly good-natured and hospitable host at The Maynard

Many of you will have learned of the death on 3rd February 2020 of Stuart Walker. If reading this is your first notice, we wanted to mark our own sadness at his passing away.

We attended the funeral in Pontefract and saw Angelia at what was a heavily attended service made all the more poignant by, at the close, a chorus of revving motorbikes recording their own tribute to a very enthusiastic and much missed biking friend.

For sometime Stu had quietly dealt with chronic illness. Given that we took over The Maynard in February 2019, it was a comfort to know that Ange and Stu had a year together, admittedly a short time but one that they could share together unencumbered with the demands of Scarborough holiday life.

As, in these extraordinary days of pandemic, we write a few words about our friend, it struck us both as highly appropriate last night that millions of people turned out to applaud the NHS. Stu’s long years of selfless and committed service as a paramedic epitomise all that is best in those who choose public service. Equally all of those who were his and Ange’s guests at The Maynard could attest to his great qualities as a host and good man.

He is much missed.

CMM and AW

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